Final Darkness

by Final Darkness

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ArpKor Oldschool heavy metal you would say! Listen to those damn dark and epic vocals, this singer is really great! Favorite track: Aurora Falling Down.
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Final Darkness focuses on the addictive personality along with the troubles that follow that dark path. The songs look at overcoming some of life's hardest obstacles - death, hurt, pain, greed, and hate. They also look beyond the plane of human existence to ask, "Is there another dimension where the five senses are obsolete?"

Final Darkness is aggressive music with a positive message. It has been in the works for the last six years and has finally come to fruition. The debut album was tracked at Touchwood Studios in Regina by Justin Bender and Rob Doherty. With guest vocal and guitar appearances from Into Eternity's Tim Roth (Kill Room, Darkness falls, Memories) and Justin Bender (Memories) the songs have a lot of depth. The album was mixed in Chicago, Illinois by multiplatinum producer, Neil Kernon in November of 2011 and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York City.

Buy the full album and get the cover of Razor's Evil Invaders as a bonus track!


released December 21, 2011

Produced by Rob Doherty
Recorded at Touchwood Studios
Engineered by Justin Bender and Rob Doherty
Mixed by Neil Kernon
Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches and Sean Hansen
© 2011 Rob Doherty



all rights reserved


Final Darkness regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Final Darkness
Apocalyptic visions I see
coming forth to me from the grave
Can I see myself in the final darkness?

Altering the future and what things mean to me
changing all the empty inside
A soulless addiction no more light will be
everything could lay down and die just die
Can I see myself in the final darkness?

Immortal eye of the infinity
with shards of chaos stabbing through
Emotional burn victim quarantined beside your shadow
break free.
Track Name: Ghost
Faint images appear
Sensing you are near
A light mist falls

Back from the other side
Your soul is still alive
I feel you here

Shards of glass inhale,
Shards of glass inhale

Senses tied,
What’s wrong?
What’s right?
Shards of glass inhale

Incites a dreamlike state
In touch through second sight
Overloaded senses fail


Dark winds whistle my name
Stranded deep down
Into the shadows and the flames
In a place called hell,
Where no life dwells
In chains, tied down to the chaos
And the bell rings

Head check just before death,
The cracked earth cries
For a drink of what’s left
And the brain pain train that’s driving me insane
Started firing off the message to my fingers
Where ya been?

You’re not alive but I can feel you here
I’m half alive and you can see my ghost.
Track Name: Memories
Looking back through the years
Where did time disappear?
I lie awake and wonder why
You called for me,
You came to me tonight

Different nights, when I sleep
You come to me in the form of a dream
You talk to me and then it’s clear,
Your graven image disappears

A window pane full of tears,
Thinking back through all the years

(Solos – Rob, Justin Bender)

Track Name: Aurora Falling Down
The ice fog blinds me, on a frozen highway
Where the silent sea meets the crystal dark
The Canadian North stole my heart
And the frozen glow won’t let it go

It moves in waves above the sea
Her crystal gaze shoots right through me

Under the starlight and up through the trees
There’s a strange light moving down
And as the North wind settles into a breeze
I can see aurora falling down

A frozen ghost by my side
Releasing souls as the fog begins to rise
They twist and turn, they laugh and cry
They point and stare at the movement in the sky


(Solo – Rob)


The ice fog blinds me, on a frozen highway
Where the silent sea meets the crystal dark
Track Name: Kill Room
This empty house it is my hell,
You leave me here bound by fear
Morbid visions stain my eyes,
the feelings gone

Endless torment in this maze
You bring them home, I dig their graves
Fractured reason so severe
Transformation growing near

Another night in the kill room
Another night in the kill room

Horrid nightmares full of hate,
Made to live them everyday
You forced upon me against my will,
The science of how to kill

Drink the poison go insane
Feel the fire feel the rage
My life is gone torn away
To numb to feel the pain

(Solos Rob/Tim Roth/Rob/Tim Roth)

Another night in the kill room
Another night in the kill room
Track Name: The Greys
I close my eyes so tight
And stare into the night
Something out there’s calling

When I came too
I’m on a table with greys
Standing around
My skin crawling

Experiments done to me
Still they won’t believe – believe my story
Suspended deep in space for my DNA,
The greys haunt me

(Repeat first verse)

Would you, would you believe
The greys are cross breeding the human race.

The greys!!

Again you take me there
To relive, I swear
Take me from this place
Hypnotic mental state
To seal our fate
Revealing human fears

Would you, would you believe
The greys are cross breeding the human race

(solo Rob)

Track Name: Two of You
A portrayal of a kind and careful being
Now things, now they have changed
I see ruins of two starting too show through
Watch you come unglued
Your threads are stripped
Your screws are coming loose

It’s not in me to watch you go
Now I see suspicious clouds

Your cover’s fading,
Your lines are showing through
In a world where wreckage overtakes
Self absorbed, encased in nothingness
Like the bleak forever holding you,
Fooling you


(solo – Rob)

Track Name: Darkness Falls
Stand alone, ice cold freezing
Goosebumps tell me your near,
Isolate, once again full of fear
Once more to feel cold wind bring you here

when darkness falls it can take forever just to feel the sun
dancing on your face,
out of touch with the sense that something good will come
with the morning light.

Broke down but not out – fighting
Reach down, deep down inside
Shut out, get out of my life
The all to familiar scent dead alive

(Solos Rob/ Tim Roth/Rob/Tim Roth)